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ALV B is bio-medical company based out of Oslo that develops new experimental cancer treatments for animals.


One of our main goals is to develop new immune therapy for solid cancer types for dogs. The treatments will be tailored for each patient and will work as a supplement to standard cancer surgery.


Another equally important goal is to create a bio bank of cancer types for dogs and cats as well as regular tissue, that will serve as a basis for our research. We also establish primary cell lines from individual patients that can be uused for research and medical testing.


We will generate molecular profiles of the primary cell lines we establish. These molecular profiles will be used for research and to design new immunotherapies for cancer. They can also provide valuable information with significant diagnostic value.

Molecular diagnostics can be very valuable in the clinic. However, there is a need for bioinformatics tools that can be used for dog and cat genomes, transcriptomes and proteomes. There are currently very few of these. Designing new bioinformatics tools specifically tailored for cancer and dog research is one of our goals. The number of public molecular cancer profiles for dogs and cats is also far behind the number for their human and murine counterparts. We will generate molecular data profiles and design bioinformatics tools that will increase the speed of this type of research and contribute to the exchange of information between research organizations and society.

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