Francesca Lockwood joins the team

Francesca Lockwood is a London native, with an educational background comprised of a first-class BSc in Pharmacology, an Erasmus placement, a Distinction in a Masters of Research degree in Cellular and Molecular Neuro-oncology and almost 4 years as a Research Assistant/PhD candidate in mechanistic cardiac dysfunction investigation.

Francesca has also been involved in:

– Cancer biology and chemotherapeutic resistance through REDOX adaptation research
– Cancer research exploiting the Warburg effect as a potential therapy through ketones
– Cell culture, cellular models, maintenance of biobanks of cell lines and primary cells from patient-derived glioblastoma multiforme tumors.
-Extensive molecular biology and immunohistochemistry techniques

At Alv B Francesca will be researching high grade tumors, and the use of nanoparticles in vaccines.

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