Alv B AS partners with Oncogene AS to identify canine gene targets for cancer vaccine development.

Alv B AS is excited to announce that our collaboration with Oncogene AS, a Norwegian cancer precision medicine & informatics initiative. Together, we are employing next generation sequencing technologies coupled with cancer informatics to identify novel vaccine target candidates.

Our team has extracted genomic information and biobanked RNA from dozens of canine solid tumors. Through analysis of RNA sequencing data of mammary and intra-cranial tumors from dogs, Alv B and Oncogene will further validate targets we have previously identified in order to develop effective vaccines for cancer. This would be utilized to grow Alv B’s vaccine pipeline and ultimately help in improving canine cancer care.

We aim to complete our preliminary analysis at the end of 2022 and with full results and final reporting expected by early 2023. Following this, we will take these results into our molecular biology laboratories in 2023 to begin developing new therapeutic cancer vaccines.

We are dedicated to developing effective vaccines to improve cancer care in dogs.

About Oncogene AS

Oncogene AS is research-based Norwegian company focused on bringing precision cancer medicine and diagnosis into reality of Norway for clinicians and cancer patients. They provide gene testing for cancer patients using cutting edge technologies such as sequencing and bioinformatics, helping clinicians and saving the lives of Norwegian cancer patients with precision medicine and diagnosis.

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